Got the DJ, got the playlist, but you’re missing one crucial element of the day- the first dance song. The wedding reception is the first time you’ll presented as a married couple, therefore your first dance is your moment to shine. Unless you’re a fan of the Top 100 trending songs, you want to choose a song that is testament to your love and isn’t overheard on the radio. Here are our Top 10 First dance songs that will go down in history, jerk some tears and spread the love.

Everything- Michael Buble 

What’s a wedding without a bit of the Buble? His smooth vocals and easy listening tunes will have you shine in your first dance and have guests wishing they were the ones getting married. 

If I Ain’t Got You- Alicia Keys & Usher

You might recognise this song from your favourite chick flick of the early 2000’s. For those who have hood style and prefer an R’n’B playlist, this first dance song fits the brief and brings the sweet, sweet romance to the dancefloor. 

Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò)-  Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman

Best known for Will Ferrell’s rendition in Step Brothers, Time to Say Goodbye is best suited for those with a great sense of humour. A great ode to send off your bachelor status, this lyrical masterpiece in available in either English, Italian or Spanish and will have the crowds giggling and soaking up every moment. 

I Won’t Give Up- Jason Mraz

Suited for the country folk in the room or those who love an acoustic belter, I Won’t Give Up is a wedding classic. Representing the hardships in every marriage, your guests will be assured that your true love will resist every test of time. 

Happy- Pharrell

For those couples who aren’t for holding hands and waltzing around the dancefloor, this first dance song is perfect for an upbeat, contemporary dance routine. Happy will literally get your guests to “clap along” if they feel the happiness too.

Stand By Me- Ben E. King

A fan of black and white films? Stand By Me will transport you into another era and give that feeling of old fashioned, charming love you see in the movies. Played at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding, it’s easy to dance to and is a romantic favourite of many in the room. 

Dream a Little Dream of Me- Etta Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

With the sweetest of lyrics and smooth jazz tunes, our grandparents probably danced to this classic at their wedding. For those who like to keep it traditional, this song is the one, with Michael Buble also creating a cover. The original will transport you the 1940’s and make you feel like you’re sweetly dancing under moonlight. 

Better Together- Jack Johnson

Definitely the most underrated first dance song of all time, trust Jack Johnson to know how to write a song about love. His whimsical lyrics and upbeat acoustic tempo is suited perfectly to that laid-back beach wedding. 

Drops of Jupiter- Train

Doubling up as a great song to walk down the aisle to, Train’s perfect vocals can be used for any wedding, at any time. The lyrics are super sweet and it’s easy to sing along to, so your guests can help serenade your other half as you begin to dance the night away. 

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

A perfect for a show-stopping and heart-pulling moment, Sweet Disposition is totally underrated as a first dance song. It’ll get your guests totally invested in the moment shared between you and your spouse, with some potential tears being drawn depending on how sweet your dancing skills are. 

With your perfect playlist and first dance song in check, book a DJ and leave the rest up to him. With 15 experienced DJ’s in our team, we can offer you a perfect day filled with music to laugh, cry happy tears and smile to.

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