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My story goes way way back, I was raised and educated in Newtown and Enmore well back in the days before the hipsters, trendsetters and interior decorators moved in.

My life as a photographer really started when I was in nappies, when my parents bought me a little Kodak Instamatic to take photos of our family occasions so they can send photos back to their relatives in Italy and Greece. I was always so excited to get back the envelope a week after handing the film in to our local chemist who always carefully sent it to the old lab for processing and printing. More excited was I when most of the photos were sharp, well exposed and no heads chopped off in the shooting process, my parents were even more thrilled that their relatives were going to receive a clear photo my family, with the all important harbour bridge or opera house in the background.

All this led me to pursue photography at Enmore High, developing and printing my own black and white images was pure magic.

Years later and several careers in between including running my own coffee shops, I still have a camera in my hand though I am out of nappies 🙂

From photographing portraits and fashion, weddings was the genre that took off and mainly thanks to my first couples who trusted me and spread the love to their friends and families.

I can call myself a general wedding know all with pride, cos I have been to nearly a thousand weddings over the past 15 years.

Why hire me???? Just because I am confident that you will love my work, my passion my enthusiasm and my attitude towards one of your most important milestones in your life, your wedding day.

MZ x


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11 Little Cleveland Street, Redfern NSW, Australia

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