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Creating Living Loving Memories

Working with Leigh Warner will give you the opportunity to explore what will best suit you when creating memories on your special day.  As a photographer, Leigh will work with you throughout your wedding journey to document and capture all the moments for you to cherish.

The uniqueness of each couple and their story is something that is highly valued by Leigh. Capturing moments that reflect the personalities and vision of the couple is something that he is honored to be a part of.  The approach that Leigh takes to his work can be found in his ability to connect with clients throughout the process, and the manner in which he creates a professional yet light-hearted and enjoyable environment for all those who are present. Leigh will also diligently ensure that everything runs smoothly so that the essence and experience of the day can be accurately captured through his lens.

Leigh is based on the Gold Coast and has been a Wedding Photographer in the industry for 10 years full time now and still has the same amount of passion for his work when he first started here on the Gold Coast 10 years ago.  His drive to create unique and personal wedding images of you both on your wedding day is what keeps that create flare he has for the wedding industry going.


Capturing memories that will last a lifetime

Leigh is committed to the process of creating the best experience for his clients on their wedding day.  Leigh has an open and collaborative approach that allows each couple to fully participate in capturing the vision that they hold for their special day. It is important to Leigh that his clients receive all that they need from their experience with him.

Leigh sees the value in his clients being free to contact him with any questions they have throughout their wedding journey and hopes to support them in any way he can – building relationships that creates a comfortable and relaxed situation. This allows Leigh to capture amazing photos that portray a true sense of who his clients are individually, and as a couple.


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Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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