Here at Events Combined our aim is to make event planning a breeze with all of the services you might need to organise any event in one place!

Whatever your event might be – birthday, corporate function, Christmas party, wedding, engagement, the list goes on – Events Combined makes it easy and stress-free to find the perfect event services to suit your individual style and needs.


We have created a site where event advertising for big and small businesses alike is made quick, easy and affordable – FREE even!  A site which seamlessly connects customers with the services required for their unique event and location, with everything consolidated on the one site.

We understand how time poor many businesses are, so we can even build your listing for you at no cost! Just flick an email to info@eventscombined.com.au and we will provide some further information and from there, build a quality listing for you.

Or simply add yourself by clicking ‘ADD LISTING‘ and following the steps.


Events Combined makes planning – and advertising – for the perfect event as easy as a few clicks!